The name says it all.  Truth be told, when I first heard about Indian pizza becoming a things some years back, I was very skeptical. Although some fusion foods have done a great job of blending styles and flavors (i.e Korean BBQ burritos and carne asada fries) I thought that this concept would err more on the side of gimmick (think combination toaster/TV/phone/+something else ridiculous).

To my delight, Indian pizza is actually pretty amazing an I think Solano County is fortunate to be the home of Tasty Indian Pizza.  They offer traditional Italian style pizzas as well which are pretty good in their own right, but the star of the show has to be their Indian style pizzas.  I've come to favor the "3 Idiots" and "Dhoom" pizzas but should really venture out and try some of the others based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews I've seen on Yelp (Saagar I'm coming for you next!)