Nowadays, it's not uncommon to come across someone who can speak about beer as intelligently and passionately as a sommelier would talk about wine. I am in no way a connoisseur, but I do enjoy a good brew and can attest to the increased quality that I've experienced myself in the past 10 years or so. Some of my European friends have even informed me that the craft beer movement has been so successful that it has actually altered the image of American beer over seas. Previously,  the mention of American beer would conjure up images of only big brand name, watered down light beers.  Today, I hear that we have earned the respect of many European beer drinkers, many favoring the ever so popular IPA.

Although I myself am not a fan of IPA's, I do enjoy a wide array of beers - my choice usually being dictated by occasion, weather or food for pairing. After driving by the Slanted Tree on many occasions and thinking to myself, "I gotta go there one day...", recently I finally took advantage of an opportunity and was able to enjoy a couple glasses at the Slanted Tree. I normally wouldn't write about a spot I've been to only once but I did feel compelled to summarize and share my experience as follows:

  • Location:  Awesome - it's the closest tap room to my where I live (Cordelia)
  • Ambiance:  Warm and inviting - however I think I came and went before the rush.  
  • Service:  Good - our server checked on us periodically, was able to answer questions about the menu and service over all was fast.
  • Food:  I'll hold off on sharing my opinion until I've experienced a bit more of the menu
  • Beer:  I like the fact that the majority of beer on tap were local brews. I LOVE the fact that they serve sour beers.  One of the lesser known varieties, this is actually one of my favorites. After checking their website, it looks like they will continue to serve sours from different breweries on the regular!