Where can I find the best burger in Vallejo?  Many Vallejo natives will be quick to reference Bud's Burgers. I don't argue that they sell good burgers for a good value but lately, when I find myself craving a burger, I find myself more inclined to grab a quick bite at the Original Red Onion on Springs Rd. To be clear, I have read some of the negative reviews for this establishment on yelp and do agree that some of their specialty burgers can make the buns pretty soggy.  This is why my go to burger there is now their double cheeseburger (pictured on the left).  This burger was served fresh & juicy and the bun was still nice and intact (though a bit softened from the fixings).  The fries are also something to note - they are fried to a perfect crisp and are not greasy at all.  The other common complaint I found on yelp was that the food was over priced. It's true that the food is not bargain basement cheap but I think it's a stretch to call the menu over priced.  The food is good, the people are always friendly and dining area is always kept clean - three qualities I'd gladly pay a little extra for any day!