Today is the first official day of Autumn and since it seems like the masses have been enamored by a popular coffee shop chain's pumpkin spice latte, I felt compelled to share a little known gem I found tucked away in Suisun City - the It's It Ice Cream Outlet! Although born in the much more popular city of San Francisco, Suisun City (or simply Suisun as the locals call it) is home to an It's It outlet where you can find much more than the nationally (I think) distributed classic It's It - the vanilla ice cream treat sandwiched between two chocolate covered oatmeal cookies.  I've yet to try the "Chip's It" - a company variation using chocolate chip cookies, but am inspired to do so sooner rather than later.  Pictured here is the inspiration for this blog post - a pumpkin It's It in the foreground with a Cappuccino photo bombing in the back.  Both were very tasty and enjoyed at the near by waterfront.  Not photographed was a Green Tea variation that I was actually most excited to try but unfortunately enjoyed the least.

Next time you're in the area or find yourself with a sweet tooth, stop on by, enjoy the scenery, and don't pay attention to the calorie count!