817 Glen Cove Road has always been the Vallejo home with the best Christmas display for as far back as I could remember.  As a kid, my parents would drive me and my brother to the home and we would gaze at the display while being greeted with smiles and free candy canes!  It's been a while since I've been back to take a close look, often times simply admiring the lights from the distance as I would drive up and down Glen Cover Parkway.  However, now that I have two little ones of my own that LOVE Christmas lights, I swung by on a whim (kids already in PJ's) and was really pleased impressed to see the production taken to another level!  The lot across the street was lit up and used as parking to help with the logistics, the display has gotten even bigger and brighter, and best of all - Santa was present with an elf to take photos with all the visitors!  I've spent a few years standing in line at the mall to take over priced photos with Santa in the past and must say that I found this experience to be much MUCH better.  The lines were short and fast and the pictures were free of charge (you can take them with your own camera) although I would highly encourage any body enjoying the display to provide a donation to the family to help keep this going year after year. 

Thank you so much 817 Glen Cove Road - The holiday spirit is alive and strong with you and I thank you for spreading it each and every year without fail!