In the greater scheme of things, the Fairfield Together Food Truck Mania is a relatively low key event.  It doesn't receive as much publicity or traffic as other events you might hear about in San Francisco or the East Bay, but that's one of the reasons why I like it. If you've ever found yourself regretting waiting in line for 30 to 45+ minutes to order food from a truck, you can leave that concern at the door.  This past weekend, I attended this event for the first time and had a good time.  More importantly - my kids had a GREAT time.  The event garners a moderate crowd - enough to feel like part of an event but not so much that you end up choosing which food truck you'd like to order from because it has the shortest wait.  The event is also conveniently located at the Cordelia Community Park so you are just steps away from benches, tables, and playgrounds for the kids and other great park amenities such as a skate park, dog park, tennis courts, basketball courts and more.  In addition to the playgrounds (one for young kids and one for bigger kids) the event also hosts it's own set of FREE games and activities for kids with free prizes!   

I'd like to thank the City of Fairfield Parks & Recreation Department for putting together this event.  I understand that it is a monthly event held on the fourth Sunday of the warmer weather months, with the next event scheduled for 9/23/2018. I hope to see some of you out there enjoy and supporting this event some time soon!